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Skyfy, meaning Sky For You. Skyfy Technology allows you to monitor, track and control your vehicle from the Sky, in a bird’s-eye view. Granting a full-view on your current, future and previous routes of your fleets.

Skyfy Technology, a partner of SingTel, is a logistic enabler for local SMEs via our multi-points integrated Fleet Management System (FMS). Our FMS can impact anyone's business by increasing overall sales, reducing operation cost and boosting productivity by monitoring, tracking and controlling their vehicles. We are aligned with Smart Nation Singapore’s vision and are delighted that 800 SMEs such as NTUC's Unity Pharmacy, ZTP (正中平), Yummi House, Yangzijiang, MaseratiXi De Li (西得利) and Ren Ci Hospital (仁慈医院) have benefited and trusted us to transform their businesses.

We specialized in catering to Construction, Engineering, Logistics, Services and Vehicle Rental companies.

Our 37 locally based team works endlessly and effortlessly to ensure we deliver our promises to customers and we are constantly striving to improve ourselves to serve our customers’ businesses better.

Currently we have been endorsed and approved by SPRING Singapore as an Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) vendor. Our company also holds a Practicing Management Consultant (PMC) certificate, therefore we are able to administer and endorse Capability Development Grant (CDG) projects up to half a million dollars via SPRING Singapore.

We have been selected by SPRING Singapore to be under their SPRING Future Mentorship Programs. That means, an experienced senior consultant will be assigned to our company for 9 months, ensuring that we have a good and robust learning and development curriculum. All to ensure that we can better serve our local SMEs.

Currently, we are on-course to finish our Operation and Technology Roadmapping (OTR) with SIMTech which is under A*STAR. This project will further strengthen our vision and define our future which is to serve, enable, empower and energize local SMEs. We also in talk with A*STAR and I²R for a potential tee up to build our own 2nd Generation Software which will allow customization of products and services to diagnose and cater to individual customer’s needs.

Lastly, we are also working closely with Republic Polytechnic Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management’s Assistant Director, Mr Edmund Chan, for technical feasibility studies to integrate critical logistic software into our FMS. We are currently looking into warehouse management, pre-planning and live dispatch services to transform SMEs’ business models. This transformation will improve their business’ productivity, reduce high operational costs and the high reliance on manpower.


I literally had ZERO experience in the Fleet Management Industry before taking over Skyfy Technology.

However, I sensed the potential in Skyfy, as it seemed to me that Skyfy had the potential to help out numerous SMEs in Singapore by providing a better and more efficient way of managing their fleets.

A year and a half have passed, I can proudly say that I didn’t regret my decision as now I’m helping over 700+ SMEs in Singapore with their Fleet Management.

Joseph Ng Kim Wah
Joseph Ng Director of Skyfy Technology

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